August 2015

Atlas Industries' TV Tray, commissioned by and featured in Wallpaper* Magazine's 2015 Handmade Issue, will be showcased in Milan during
Salone del Mobile.  Visit the link below for the full article, and to see all of Wallpaper*'s 2015 Handmade picks. 

Folding TV Tray Table
Challenged to shake off the twee image of the folding TV tray table, Atlas Industries wasn’t content with simply creating a fancy version of the mid-century mainstay. Instead of the traditional pair of scissor legs, our updated version stands on just one, for a sleeker silhouette. It also neatly folds flat and has an elegant handle for easy hanging or stowing. There’s even a place in the tray to hold a draped napkin. The sculptural piece is a mix of painted black wood, maple wood accents and solid bronze, courtesy of Shelton Studios.

Photography: Owen Silverwood

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