Smorgasburg Upstate Opens This Weekend

We are beyond excited for the grand opening of Smorgasburg Upstate, which kicks off this Saturday, August 6th from 11am to 6pm!

About 6 months ago, Jonathan Butler of Smorgasbug asked Atlas Industries to participate in the restoration of the historic Hutton Brickyards site. The Hutton yard, which operated for over 100 years, supplied brick throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City and to many large projects including Yankee Stadium. Bricks marked “HUTTON” are frequently encountered during New York renovation and demolition projects today. The purpose of the restoration was to prepare the site for Smorgasbord Upstate, a Hudson Valley version of the wildly popular food and craft market.

The site is simply incredible - both for its architecture and its positioning just a stone’s throw from the Hudson River. The scale is grand - heroic, even. A beautiful tension is created between the rugged, industrial mammoths of structures and their juxtaposition against the banks of the river. One can’t help but be swept away by this poetic contrast. There isn’t a location better suited to host an amazing, open air market.

When Atlas got involved, the challenge at hand was to maximize these poetic qualities, while making the site fun, comfortable and safe for thousands of vendors and guests, and to have it all finished in 4 short months. The solution presented in a productive collaboration between Smorgasburg, Hutton Brickyards, Atlas Industries, the construction manager and general contractor, together with a team of civil and structural engineers, architect, landscape architect and subcontractors. Atlas provided design consultation on every aspect of the project - from site layout to logo design. The desire to enhance and express the innately unique experience of this site, while exposing visitors to architecture on a grand scale, has been fully realized on the banks of the Hudson River. 

The grand opening is tomorrow, August 6th from 11am-6pm and will be open every Saturday through October. Learn more at Smorgasburg Upstate. Special thanks to Berg + Moss Architects for their involvement.