as4 Modular Shelving Closet System in the home of Lydia Wills

Atlas Industries designed the as4 modular shelving system to solve countless design challenges. The wide array of components, and the ability to customize, expand, reconfigure and transport the system has made it a top choice for designers and homeowners.

Some of those who choose the as4 modular shelving system for their closets are working within small, irregularly shaped spaces, or trying to create storage that is a work of art in itself. Lydia Wills, owner of a literary management agency, was looking to achieve both these goals.

At the time, Lydia was living near Gramercy Park in a 600-square-foot studio. In the little dressing area between the main room and bathroom, Atlas Industries installed a custom as4 modular shelving system for her. The endless configurations, and ability to grow the system, made the as4 the perfect choice for her design needs. Learn more about Lydia Wills and her beautiful home in this post by Improvised Life.

photo by Ellen Silverman

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