an elegant solution to design challEnges

Trying to accommodate an ever-expanding book collection? Looking for an elegant way to combine TV, media storage, and audio-visual components? Hoping to create a beautiful and functional home office? 

The AS4 modular furniture system is the elegant solution to these, and countless other design challenges. It is a system that comprises a wide range of components that allow you to create configurations tailored perfectly to your needs. The AS4 system offers the type of versatility typically associated with custom designed built-ins, but with the benefits of being expandable, reconfigurable, and portable. 

The AS4 system provides much more than a basket of options. It is handmade furniture finely crafted from real materials: solid steel and solid hardwoods. The detailing is refined, the design is timeless, the result is furniture with presence. 

Learn more about the system and how to design your own below.


Solid white oak & cold-rolled steel desk configuration. Photograph by: Meredith Heuer

craft & versatility

The beauty of this system speaks for itself. As you stand before it, the quality of the materials and the level of craft become immediately apparent: shelves and drawers of solid hardwood, dovetail joint construction, solid steel structure - all handmade from start to finish. But what's less obvious is also what truly distinguishes this system: its versatility.

A broad selection of components is available in a variety of sizes. All components fasten securely to the standards and may be positioned or adjusted at two inch intervals. The as4 can be reconfigured, added to, and taken with you when you move. Beyond its expected application as shelving and storage, it's been used as home office, audio/visual center, retail fixtures, commercial workstations, kitchens, closet/dressing room fixtures, server racks and wet bar.

Another unique level of versatility is evident in the ease with which this system can be customized. Custom sizes are available for any component, as are materials and finishes outside of what is stocked. Beyond that, custom components such as lighting, beds and seating can be made to suit any application or need.

Visit the AS4 gallery to see the AS4 modular system in a variety of configurations & finishes.


Solid walnut & cold-rolled steel corner desk configuration. Photograph by: François Dischinger


Send us an email or call the office to begin a conversation about your AS4 system.  Please provide room dimensions and a description of the components you would like to use, or what particular function the system will serve.  With this information, we can maximize the functionality of the system and help you achieve your design intent.

OR, start your custom design with our interactive design tool, the AS4 builder.   

wood species & metal options

The AS4 system is available in the following solid hardwoods: walnut, white oak, maple, or cherry.   Opaque lacquer finishes in any custom color are also available.  Metal options include solid cold-rolled steel (default), blackened cold-rolled steel, and architectural bronze.